BIO FUE Hair Transplant

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BIO FUE Hair Transplant

Solve Your Baldness Problem with safe Surgical Method

The advanced version of FUE Transplant, BIO FUE Transplant is a much more benefiting procedure. It delivers better results because of the combined use of unit extraction and PRP method. Many studies depict that the hair growth after BIO FUE Transplant is more natural in comparison to the other treatments.

In this method the grafts are stored in the PRP; the biostimulation growth factors. These grafts then are introduced to the bald site and because of the catalyst effect of the PRP, the results are faster, natural and effective. The PRP also boosts the growth of the hair in the surrounding area and make the implant look more natural. It also strengthens the already thinning follicles and revives them with the growth booster dose.


Advantages of BIO FUE Transplant

This process is a stitchless process which makes is the most popular technique of hair transplant. The process ensures that the transplant is not only natural but healthy and effective. Being a natural process it does not have any serious side effects associated with it.