Hair Transplant In Men

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Hair Transplant In Men

Solve Your Baldness Problem with safe Surgical Method

Hair recession is common in men and Male pattern baldness can be observed for every 4 out of 8 men after crossing an average age of 35 years. The hormone which affects hair growth in men is Di Hydro Testosterone, commonly known as DHT has a great influence in causing male pattern baldness.
There are various treatments for hair loss and hair restoration.
When considered medical treatment to treat hair loss there are a few effective medicines, some of which can be internally consumed and other are to be externally applied on the scalp.

To regulate the effect of DHT, a drug named ‘propecia’ is being introduced which controls the DHT production and thereby increasing the hair follicle growth.

‘Minoxidil’ is an externally applied or topical solution that shows a considerable growth in the hair at an average rate of medium density. It yields a bit slow results as when the solution when applied passes through all the three stages of follicle development for re-growth. Practically the effect of most of the drugs and oils after termination ought to bring back to the initial condition. Hence the need for a permanent solution has made its way.

Things to know about hair transplant

  • Hair transplant is a surgical process.
  • This is a permanent solution among all treatments of hair loss
  • Hair transplant is preferred only when there must be healthy growing site area (donor site) on the scalp along with the hair recession areas.
  • Any of the methods, either a strip of the skin from donor site will be sewed (FUSS) on affected site or individual follicles (FUE) will be placed carefully from the donor site.
  • To undergo hair transplant there must be a scope of hair re growth at the transplanted area.
  • Right age of hair transplant in men is advised after maximum hair fall or hair loss occurrence gets completed. After this stage implementing hair transplant results show even density of hair on the head.
  • Minor discomforts and minimal side effects such as itching, irritation occur after hair transplantation, before the scalp heels.
  • The Success rate of hair transplant in men

Expertise at unique Hair transplantation clinic delivers most natural looking hair with even density on the scalp. No problem of scars and the results for hair transplantation are natural with proven procedures.

We promise Hair transplantation with advanced technology and best hair restoration techniques. What we mean from this is hair transplantation implemented by our experts will be so natural that the newly harvested hair mingles with existing natural hairline and the pattern of the new hair aligns in the same direction of existing one.

Hair transplant in men is entirely different from hair transplant in women. In men hair loss pattern is predictable.

FUE Hair Transplant

In FUE, each hair follicle wise some of the hair being taken out from healthy grown area & then implanted on hair loss area.

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation is used when there is more hair loss area then FUT is chosen.

Beard Transplant

In this process hair from donor site of the head is made implanted on the beard and mustache portions.