Facial Hair Transplant

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Beard Transplant

Stylish beards are fashion. Almost everyone likes to be trendy with all new beard styles these days. Unfortunately, those we have less growth of hair on the facial area have no other way than compromising. To break this we have beard transplant techniques. The procedure followed in beard transplant is similar to hair transplant.

Hair loss doesn’t occur only in your scalp but it also affects your facial hair growth. With many reasons (medical/ genetic/ others) behind it, Facial hair loss has become a common problem mow days. Thanks to the medical science that we have a method to restore your looks.

Facial Hair transplant is a boon for those who have lost the hairs of their facial regions like Beard, Moustache & Eyebrow/eyelash due to any reason. It involves extracting the hairs from the scalp and like the hair transplanting method for the head, implanting them on the bald site of your face.