Body Hair Transplant

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Body Hair Transplant

Donor areas used for FUE Hair Transplant include the Back and Sides of patient’s head. If these donor area has low density, then a another widely accepted way to harvest grafts is extraction from the patient’s BEARED (from under the chin or the neck area called as shadow area. We don’t take grafts from the beared at the cheeks).

Body Hair Transplant has revolutionized the field of hair transplantation where hair from different parts of the body, other than scalp, can be used for transplantation.

There are a large number of patients for whom surgeons can use body hair as a source of several thousand grafts. This large sized donor areas can be used for extraction of follicles in order to achieve packed hair density, such results would not be possible otherwise for patients who have no or very little donor hair on the back and sides of their heads. It is completely non allergic and yields productive results.